Falling Leaves & Hot Cocoa

Happy Fall, y’all!


Fall is here! The span of time between October and December is my favorite time of year. I love picking pumpkins for Halloween, making pumpkin bread for Thanksgiving, and giving gifts at Christmas (plus decorating for all three holidays)!

October is great because the air is crisp, the leaves change colors, and hot cocoa is a nightly ritual. This October I’m making a list and checking it twice (too soon?) of fall activities that I plan on accomplishing.

Some of these activities will be easy but some will probably take a little more coordination. But, I’m going to do my best to finish it!


My Fall To-Do List:
Make s’mores over an open fire
Go to a pumpkin patch
Make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
Wear every blanket scarf in my closet
Play in a pile of leaves
Carve a pumpkin
Go for a night stroll
Visit the farmers market
Go apple picking
Make chili and have a living room picnic
Go through a corn maze
Have a Halloween movie marathon (minimum of 3 movies)
Go on a hike

I will most likely keep adding to this list. It will probably be a mile long by the time I finish. (sorry, not sorry!)

Have some fun this fall and make a list of things to do too!
Tip: if you write down your list and hang it somewhere you will see it every day, you’re more likely to complete a task!

Happy trails!


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