Welcome to Just a Spoonful of Mary,
where I am fueled by coffee, grace, and sass.


Just a Spoonful of Mary is inspired by my life and all the things I love, primarily writing. As a teenager I loved writing stories but never wanted anyone to read them. This shyness has infiltrated several aspects of my life, including my career path.

I’m currently in law school studying to be a transactional lawyer. I don’t want to be in a court room (that kinda of freaks me out) like you see on TV. Instead, I want to write contracts and policies for companies. However, since being in law school, I feel like I haven’t been able to actively participate in the creative aspects of my life.

I love baking, painting, drawing, cross stitching, building Legos, styling outfits, painting my nails, doing my makeup, to name a few. However, being in law school stunts my growth in these areas. Since I am starting bar prep soon, I’m going to use this as a way to let my creative juices flow in hopes that I can squeeze in those fun times (and blog about it!).

I’m also going to use this as a way for my family and friends (those near and far) to keep tabs on me. My parents live an hour away but still call me to ask what I’m up to. Maybe this will get them to call me less (kidding, Mom!).

Peace & Blessings,

Contact me at: spoonfulofmary@gmail.com
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